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First Weeks in London

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Hello everyone , I’m going to talk about my impression in relation to the term « Britishness ».I have to explain what Britishness means for me . Britishness embrace all the British culture included the way of thinking of english people . Before my arrival at London I had a lots of stereotypes in my head . In fact being British is relate to bad food , rain, tea, the Queen and her corgis, double-decker buses and amongst other cliché that have been spread by television and films. Most of the stereotypes are true, like drinking tea everyday at 5 o’clock, but being British is more than that. Being British is about having a good sense of humour and “being classic with a twist” as Geordie Greig said. Indeed, Britishness is based on their specific history, for instance the military victories over most of their ennemies, the industrial revolution and the British Empire as well as their specific insular geographical position that makes this country unique. But I believe that one of the shiniest aspects of Britishness is eccentricity and the sense of humour as in the TV series.For me London is melting pot city there is a multicultural atmosphere and the most extraordinary thing is that nobody cares ,young ladies hanging out with « hijab », Paskistanis everywhere trying to share their cultural background .The place that shows us the real definition of eccentricity is Camden , full of Punks , and colorful people . I’ve also assisted to the shooting of an Indian Bollywoodian movie . It was amazing . I’ve tried the British food , but I prefer the french one but I have to admit that the famous British breakfast was quite good with its scrambled eggs , fried mashed potatoes ,black pudding and the slice of bacon . Now I have to talk about our roommates whose are adorable .We have Mindi who creates a peaceful atmosphere , Umar and Sulemane two Pakistanis who explained us how they are living in their own country and what are their traditions . So I have to conclude now , my two first weeks in London were rich in experience , I’ve seen many new things , discovered many new cultures and way of thinking of different people and to finish as my friend Mindi said Inshallah Habibi the best is yet to come .

*The picture on the head of the article was taken in Camden Market you may recognize the crazy hatter of the famous movie Alice in Wonderland

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